Our Brewery

Size and specs

Four 7BBL Uni-Tanks

One 7BBL Brite Tank

One 3.5BBL Mash Tun 

One 3.5BBL HLT - 

One Boil Kettle

Expansion Plans

After the retirement of our good friend and next-door neighbor Carl, and moving into his former auto shop, we began the process of expanding our brewery.  Currently the space is being used as storage while we navigate the permit and construction process. Eventually the new space will house five 15bbl fermenters, one 15bbl brite tank, space for >20 aging barrels, additional bathrooms, and additional indoor seating.  Our current 200 square foot brewing/fermenting area (through the glass in the taproom) will be gutted save for two of our 7bbl fermenters, which will be retained and used for small batch, sour, and experimental brewing projects. The rest of the space vacated will be filled with a new 7bbl brewhouse. This expansion will immediately more than double our current brewing and fermentation capacity and leave a little more room to grow. We are currently in the permitting phase, with construction slated to begin in winter of 2018, with a target completion date of early spring 2019.